About Us

"Our Mission is to give a new direction to the thought process of all our clients; to innovate, think out of the box solutions for any given situation, product, services or problems."

Our History

M/s. Infinity Keramos Industries was incorporated on 28th January, 2005 in the name of M/s. Shree Anant Industries In 2021 it was converted into a Partnership Company. Infinity has been engaged in designing and manufacturing industrial refractories like Basic Refractories, High Alumina Refractories and other special Refractories. Infinity offers an extensive range of services that involve proper material selection with in-house manufacturing techniques, ensuring that our customers’ requirements are met fully.

Currently, Infinity is involved in designing Periphery Hollow blocks especially for Ceramic Kilns, Cars etc. to reduce the energy consumption of any ceramic kiln. Infinity is proud to associate itself with companies who manufacture according to designs given to them.

Who We Are?

Infinity promoted by a Technocrat with an innovative idea. Infinity is pioneer in designing and providing refractories and high temperature ceramic products, technical products from India to other countries. We provide energy saving and innovative solutions for high temperature application of material and services in ceramic kiln and furnaces. We are an expert in designing of acid resistant bricks and furnace lining ideas. We are involved in designing, manufacturing, producing and providing excellent refractory products for ceramic, steel, glass industries. Amongst the modern ideas in energy savings - Infinity is involved in designing of Low Thermal mass kiln cars. Infinity supplies world class surface finishing materials like sponges from United Kingdom.

Infinity has wide variety of experience in Ceramic and Energy Saving Industry. With a robust technical background and effective work force, Infinity Keramos has been a forefront of technology development

Our Expertise

  • Tailor-made Hollow Blocks

    Paying close attention to customer’s requirement is our primary focus.

  • Customise Finishing Products

    We continuously develop new products with advanced technologies that always enable us to stand at the front of our field.

  • On-time Delievery & Support

    We Provide full customer support and Our team is always happy to fullfill our customer needs.

Our Team

Chintan Bhatt
Commercial & Core Business development

He manages the commercial teams and business developments within the business as well as key relationships with customers and suppliers. He has 18 years’ experience in technical sales and manufacturing in the ceramic industries. He has covered all the bases from purchasing and sales to production management.

Dhaval Patel
Production & Quality Controller

After gaining an honors degree in Mechanical Engineering Dhaval pursued an engineering career in the corporate sector with businesses including Indmech Industries. He has 8 year experience in Technical production.

Rakesh Patel
Product Designer

With over 25 years of experience in product design, He is a seasoned professional with a passion for creating innovative and user-centered products. Their career has spanned across various industries, including consumer electronics, home appliances, and automotive design. Throughout their career, they have led numerous successful product design projects from concept to launch, always striving to exceed customer expectations while meeting business goals.

Hardik Shukla
International Business Developer

He is responsible for identifying and pursuing business opportunities across borders. They research markets and analyze trends to identify potential clients, partners, and investors. They also develop strategies for entering new markets and establishing partnerships with businesses in different countries.

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